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Watch What You’re Tweeting | Social Blot
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Watch What You’re Tweeting

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A huge amount of data gets processed by Twitter every day. 100,000 tweets are posted for every minute of the day. Finding ways to organize and visualize that information in different ways can:

  • Give us a better understanding of what’s actually happening in the Twitterverse.
  • Stimulate ideas for communicating better with people on the network.
  • Help us expand our community online.

Here are a few tools that can help you dig into Twitter in different ways.

Where on Earth is that Tweet?

The One Million Tweet Map

Lots of tweets are posted with location information, so it’s possible to create maps of Twitter activity.

My current favourite site for this is The One Million Tweet Map. Dots appear on a map as tweets are posted from around the world. You can filter by keywords or hashtags. You can also zoom in and look at what’s going on at a local level. I was able to zoom right in and see results for my neighbourhood.

Tweetping is also pretty cool. It creates a neat visualization and breaks down some of the numbers by continent. A World of Tweets creates a heatmap of Twitter activity around the world. It includes some interesting stats if you scroll down the page.

Tweet Degrees of Separation


There are also tools that map relationships in the network. They can help you discover new connections.

Mentionmapp may look a little confusing at first, but try searching for your account. Related accounts and hashtags appear on the page. Click on one of them to expand that part of the network. Explore!

Hashtagify.me does a similar job just for hashtags. It also includes information about top influencers and variants for each hashtag.

Jugnoo visualizes things a bit differently than the other two. You can see who’s talking about a keyword or hashtag and explore the vocabulary people are using.

Your Tweets are Showing

TwitonomyIf you want to really profile yourself (or someone else) try Twitonomy. The site gathers up all sorts of Twitter data that can help you fine tune your behaviour or connect better with your community.

There are details about the people who follow you, all in one place. You can see who has retweeted your posts, and how much their retweets increased the reach of your message. There’s even a tool for showing tweets that mention you on a map.

Worth a Tweet?

These are just some of the sites I came across. Do you have any favourites?

Are these sites handy? Do you think they are actually useful for accomplishing the goals at the beginning of this post?


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