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Blog Courageous or Careful? | Social Blot
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Blog Courageous or Careful?

Guy Crossing River on Log

This post has been moved to Jared’s new blog. (May 26, 2014)

10 thoughts on “Blog Courageous or Careful?

  1. Mark Schaefer

    Thanks for the great piece! And we really don’t disagree. I agree with the nuances you bring up here which I would have added myself in a longer post. BTW I was delighted to see a misspelling in your well-written post. Just goes to show you have the write stuff! : ) Pursuing the perfect post is elusive!

    1. Jared Lenover Post author

      Thanks Mark!

      My students will appreciate the irony of the spelling mistake. :P You’re right though: If you spend too much time trying to get it absolutely perfect, you may not get it out at all!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it. :)

    1. Jared Lenover Post author

      I let Mark know on Twitter that I’d written a companion post for the class. (I discovered his article through one of his tweets earlier tonight.)

      He was nice enough to come by and take a look. :)

  2. Mark Darovny

    Thanks, to you and Mark for both sets of advice.

    I find I’m wrestling with the question of what my audience will find interesting, or new, or worthy of discussion/debate or comment/critique, or something they want to share to others.

    PS: Your typo actually seems rather appropriate. ;-)
    (I was going to mention it specifically, but that would spoil the puzzle for other readers :-P)

        1. autoblot

          Who would you like to write for? :)

          It doesn’t have to be written in stone, but deciding on an audience (even before you have one) might help.

  3. Mark Darovny

    One question in the vein of “careful” – when it comes to using images from other sites (even very common ones), is it always proper etiquette to reference the source? Sometimes people do, but I see many more cases where it is not done.

    The picture you used made me think about it, but I was wondering before.

    Does it really matter? Not if it’s your own I would think, but images produced by others? And what about commercially-related ones? (e.g., a picture of a car taken from an ad, or something with a corporate name or logo)

    1. Jared Lenover Post author

      If the picture is yours, it’s completely up to you whether or not you give yourself credit. :P However, remember to be sensitive about the content of your picture too. For instance, it’s usually a good idea to make sure people in your photo don’t mind you posting it online.

      If you have permission to use a picture that isn’t yours, it would still be nice to give the owner credit (and maybe link to their site). There are also sites like Morgue File that provide images that you can use for free.

      Then there are services like iStockPhoto, where you can buy pictures (often for very reasonable prices) for use on blogs, print materials and so on. I got the picture for this post from there.

      “Fair use” is a factor when it comes to using some images too, but I’ll leave that for now. Anyone have any insights when it comes to fair use of pictures on the internet?

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